Every person has stem cells within their body. They behave as repairmen, inside a normal healthy body. Like a person ages or perhaps is susceptible to injuries, these critical repair cells aren't enough. Either your body doesn't have a sizable enough supply or even the damage is simply too severe. For more information on Alternative medicine Treatment In Clearwater, visit our website today!

Stem cell therapy is made to help the body through naturally healing the region of injuries or degeneration. This type of medical care helps you to initiate and amplify your body's natural repair process. How?

The treatment is accomplished by harvesting cells from particular areas saturated with mesenchymal stem cells. These cells will be concentrated inside a lab through centrifugation prior to being injected in to the broken area or injuries site.

Stem cell treatments are a breakthrough treatment which is used like a non-surgical choice for people struggling with a number of joint pain because of injuries, disease or degeneration.


Therapy may be used to treat hip conditions and it is a non-surgical choice for individuals who might be candidates for hip surgical procedures or substitute, but don't want to possess the procedure done. This regenerative medicine therapy might help heal and alleviate the hip problems and discomfort. Hip bursitis, degenerative conditions, hip joint disease and necrosis may be treated by regenerative medicine options.


Chronic knee discomfort because of injuries or degenerative osteo-arthritis will benefit from regenerative medicine therapy. Injuries towards the knee meniscus, cartilage, ACL and MCL ligaments frequently are given regenerative medicine therapy like a non-surgical alternative. Traditional knee surgery can require several weeks of therapy and rehabilitation, however this type of treatment supplies a more effective option.


Shoulder problems and tears, discomfort associated with bursitis, tendonitis or joint disease from the shoulder may be treated effectively with stem cell therapy. These kinds of procedures might help eliminate discomfort with hardly any lower time. This is a great non-surgical choice for patients who wish to avoid surgical treatments.

Facet joints from the Spine

Therapy may be used in patients who wish to avoid low back surgical procedures or large figures of steroidal epidural injections. Stem cell treatments are a proper choice for individuals who're searching for discomfort relief with no surgery. Want to know more about Vampire Facelift Clearwater, FL? Visit our website for more information.

SI joint

The sacroiliac joint (SI joint) is yet another area that may be treated regenerative medicine treatments. Discomfort because of injuries or degeneration could be effectively given stem cell injection in the damage site.

Arizona Discomfort Specialists offers a stem cell treatment institute, with multiple kinds of stem cell injections, including a number of different research projects ongoing.


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